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Fair or Convention

Planning on organising a fair or a convention?  

MartiniPlaza has the highest level of expertise regarding organising fairs and conventions (congresses). We are committed to accommodating your every request down to the last detail, thus guaranteeing your guests an unforgettable event.

MartiniPlaza Fair Hall

Our largest halls – covering over 3,000 m² – are all equipped with extensive state-of-art technical facilities. Within the design of the halls, the supply and removal of materials were taken into account, allowing easy setting up and dismantling. For fairs the Central Hall, the Borgman Hall or Expo 1 are an option.

Our spacy halls are easily customised and linked, making them suitable for all kinds of fairs and visitor numbers. 

  • Expo 1: 3.600m² (provides also access to Expo 2, Expo 3 and Expo 4) 
  • Expo 2: 570m²
  • Expo 3: 915m²
  • Expo 4: (800m²)
  • Central Hall: 3,100 m² (fixed bar)
  • Borgman Hall: 2.865 m² (L-shaped)

MartiniPlaza as location for conventions

Conventions can be accommodated in our – in total – four plenary convention halls. Halls which are all suited to keep visitors and other participants comfortable for one or more days. Comfy chairs, sound acoustics and enough space for parallel meetings and exhibitions in the adjacent halls. Together with our stylish foyers for reception, intermission and after-event drinks, you may rest assured that a suitable setting for your congress is guaranteed.

  • 100 to 3,000+ people      
  • 4 plenary halls
  • technical support
  • stylish foyers
  • room for parallel sessions and exhibitions in separate halls
  • flexible extra room capacity
  • extensive catering services

We were awarded the Four Hammer Certificate (a quality label) by the Dutch Congress and Meeting Sector Quality Regulations Foundation: a guarantee for top quality in the conference industry.