We are ready for you

Thank you for visiting MartiniPlaza. We would like to welcome you and share the following useful information:

Accessibility & Parking
More information regarding accessibility, how exactly to find us and parking availability can be found here.

The cloakroom is situated on the ground floor foyer (also accessible by elevator). Coats are not allowed to be taken into the event halls due to fire regulations.

Cameras and recording equipment
The use of unauthorised cameras, video and/or sound equipment during shows is prohibited, unless otherwise indicated.

Hearing impaired
The theatre is equipped with an audio system including free hearing enhancement sets for the hearing impaired. If you wish to make use of this service, please make reservations at the cloakroom prior to the show. There you will able to borrow a receiving device, which can be connected with a headphone. Connecting your own hearing device with our receiving device is also an option.

MartiniPlaza has reserved a number of wheelchair spaces for the disabled. If you wish to book a space, please contact our reservations desk via: +30 50-5222797 (available Monday to Friday from noon to 5PM). The theatre balcony is only accessible by stairs.
Do you have difficulty walking? At our reception desk we have two wheelchairs you can borrow. Please make reservations, if you wish to make use of this service via +31 50 5222 818.

More information

For more information regarding – for example – children’s seats, our Theatre Foyer, Chez Jaques, the procedure when you’re running late or the use of mobile phones during shows? Please check here.

Tips en Suggesties

We always strive to make your visit to MartiniPlaza as enjoyable possible. Any tips or suggestions? Please let us know here.